City Government

The City of Huber Heights was incorporated as a City on January 23, 1981. On November 8, 1983, voters approved a City Charter which gave Huber Heights home rule powers and established a modified Council/Manager form of government effective January 1, 1984.  City Hall, which houses the administrative offices of the City and City Council Chambers, is located at 6131 Taylorsville Road.

The City Council appoints the City Manager, who is responsible for the daily operations of the City, and the Clerk of Council.  The Council/Manager plan is a form of local government developed in the United States to help cities cope more effectively, efficiently, and economically with increasingly complex local problems.  It provides for a professional executive appointed by, and continuously responsible to, a popularly elected City Council.

The Huber Heights City Council consists of eight Councilmembers and a Mayor.  Six Councilmembers are elected from distinct areas or “wards” of the City and two are elected city-wide or “at large.” The Mayor is elected at large and serves as a non-voting “Presiding Officer” of the City Council.

City Departments & Divisions

The City Manager also appoints department and division heads to oversee the functions of each department and division.  The City currently has fourteen different departments and divisions.

The Clerk of Council’s Office is responsible for managing the day to day administrative functions and work of the City Council.  The Clerk of Council acts as a liaison among the City Council; City administration; City staff; Huber Heights residents and businesses; and other individuals and entities.  This office also maintains the City’s records archives and processes requests for public records.

The Finance Department is responsible for overseeing the budget and managing the daily monetary activities of the City.

The Human Resources Department performs personnel, labor relations, compensation and benefit management, performance management, insurance and risk management, EEO compliance, safety and internal and external communications functions for the five departments, eight divisions, and over 180 full and part-time employees of the City of Huber Heights.

The Law Department is the chief legal advisor to City Council, all City departments, divisions, boards and commissions.  The City contracts with a legal firm to represent the City in all legal proceedings, both civil and criminal.

The Planning and Development Department is responsible for planning, economic development, marketing, zoning permits, property maintenance, and housing inspections.

The Buildings and Grounds Division is responsible for the maintenance of all City buildings and grounds.

The Community Services Division is responsible for community relations with outside groups and volunteers, City media relations and the Senior Center.

The Engineering Division administers all road improvement plans; water/sewer improvements, stormwater construction, and inspections.

The Fire Division consists of 55 full-time personnel blending together to give a professional service to the public.  The nationally recognized combination fire department officers, fire suppression, emergency medical service, fire prevention and inspection, education, and fire safety information to the citizens of the City of Huber Heights.  The division operates out of two stations located on the main traffic routes of State Route 201 (Brandt Pike) and State Route 202 (Old Troy Pike) with an average response time to emergency of 3.38 minutes.  The division has been an innovative and progressive leader in both the region and the state and has achieved a fire insurance rating of two.

The Information Technology Division is responsible for all the computer aided equipment used by all of the departments and divisions in the City.

The Police Division consists of 52 full-time personnel.  The Police Division manages to maintain the lowest emergency response in the area.  This is a significant accomplishment, which is indicative of the quality of service provided to the community.

The Public Works Division maintains all public thoroughfares, public facilities (including City parks), and all City vehicles and equipment.

The Tax Division is in charge of collection of the local income taxes.  The office located at 6383 Brandt Pike oversees all tax forms, income from taxes and disbursements of tax funds.

United Water provides water service and wastewater collection for the residents of Huber Heights.  The City provides these services in partnership with United Water, the operation and management firm hired by City to operate the City owned utility.

The City Council also appoints various boards and commissions to oversee different aspects of the community.  Volunteers who dedicate their time to making Huber Heights better for all residents and business owners fill these boards and commissions.  The current boards and commissions are as follows:

Boards & Commissions

  • Arts Commission
  • Board of Zoning Appeals
  • Citizens Water and Sewer Advisory Board
  • Parks and Recreation Board
  • Personnel Appeals Board
  • Planning Commission
  • Property Maintenance Review Board
  • Public Records Commission


The Huber Heights City Council welcomes new residents, new businesses, and visitors to the community. When you discover Huber Heights, you will encounter a progressive, yet traditional citizenry, which work together to improve the quality of life for everyone who works, lives, or plays in the community. We truly want you to “Come Grow With Us!”

If you have any questions or comments about the Huber Heights community or City operations, please feel free to contact the City at  (937) 233-1423 or visit the City’s website at

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