November 29, 2022

City Government

The City of Huber Heights was incorporated as a City on January 23, 1981. On November 8, 1983, voters approved a City Charter which gave Huber Heights home rule powers and established a modified Council/Manager form of government effective January 1, 1984.  City Hall, which houses the administrative offices of the City and City Council Chambers, is located at 6131 Taylorsville Road.

The City Council appoints the City Manager, who is responsible for the daily operations of the City, and the Clerk of Council.  The Council/Manager plan is a form of local government developed in the United States to help cities cope more effectively, efficiently, and economically with increasingly complex local problems.  It provides for a professional executive appointed by, and continuously responsible to, a popularly elected City Council.

The Huber Heights City Council consists of eight Councilmembers and a Mayor.  Six Councilmembers are elected from distinct areas or “wards” of the City and two are elected city-wide or “at large.” The Mayor is elected at large and serves as a non-voting “Presiding Officer” of the City Council.


The Huber Heights City Council welcomes new residents, new businesses, and visitors to the community. When you discover Huber Heights, you will encounter a progressive, yet traditional citizenry, which work together to improve the quality of life for everyone who works, lives, or plays in the community. We truly want you to “Come Grow With Us!”

If you have any questions or comments about the Huber Heights community or City operations, please feel free to contact the City at  (937) 233-1423 or visit the City’s website at

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