Chamber’s Speaker Series – Cindy Davidson Peace and Tranquility Lake Corp

The following entry was published on August 10, 2022, so it could potentially be outdated information. If it concerns an event, kindly verify that you have the most recent version of the post for the current year's information.

Please join us for a luncheon of networking and sharing info with your fellow Chamber members. We will be meeting at Fricker’s Restaurant located at 6280 Chambersburg Rd, Thursday August 11, 1130 am.  Our Guest speaker will be Cindy Davidson from Peace and Tranquility Lake Corp. Cindy and her husband are owners and operators of the non-profit organization who promote children and family events. Cindy is also the city Arts and Beautification Chairwoman. She will update us on all the upcoming events planned for the rest of the year. Do not miss the opportunity to learn about upcoming events.

$5 for Members and Guests   Lunch can be purchased at your expense!

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