In April 2021, the Huber Heights community welcomed a new cornerstone to its local business landscape – Pelphrey’s Pharmacy. Opened by Bruce and Lisa Pelphrey, the pharmacy quickly established itself not just as a place for medication, but as a true partner in the health and well-being of our residents. Now, as we reach April 2024, the Huber Heights Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to celebrate Pelphrey’s Pharmacy’s 3-year anniversary, marking nearly three years of unparalleled service, community engagement, and dedication.

Located at the heart of our community, in the bustling shopping plaza at the intersection of Brandt Pike and Taylorsville Road (7208 Taylorsville Road), Pelphrey’s Pharmacy has been more than a pharmacy; it’s been a beacon of support and reliability for everyone in Huber Heights. If you’ve yet to experience the personalized care and services they offer, including convenient local delivery of medications, now is the perfect time to become part of Pelphrey’s growing family.

A Celebration of Thanks – Customer Appreciation Week

To commemorate this milestone, Pelphrey’s Pharmacy is not just reflecting on the past; they’re looking forward to showing their gratitude to the community that has supported them. During their Customer Appreciation Week, Pelphrey’s is excited to offer an array of promotions that truly speak to their ethos of giving back. Highlighting this week is a raffle for a splendid gift basket and an irresistible promotion of 50% off all gift items and greeting cards. This is the perfect opportunity to find something special either for yourself or your loved ones, all while supporting a local business that cares deeply about its customers.


A Journey of Growth and Commitment

Reflecting on the past three years, it’s clear that Bruce and Lisa Pelphrey have poured their hearts and souls into building more than just a business; they’ve nurtured a vital part of our community’s fabric. Their dedication to offering personalized, compassionate service and their willingness to always go the extra mile has solidified Pelphrey’s Pharmacy’s reputation as a trusted local pharmacy and a shining example of small business success.

Join the Celebration and Support Local

As we celebrate this significant anniversary, we encourage all members of our community to visit Pelphrey’s Pharmacy. Whether it’s taking advantage of the Customer Appreciation Week promotions, or simply stopping by to say congratulations, your support makes a difference. And remember, by choosing Pelphrey’s for your pharmacy needs, you’re not just getting excellent service; you’re contributing to the vibrant tapestry of Huber Heights’ local business community.

For more information about Pelphrey’s Pharmacy, their services, and the Customer Appreciation Week promotions, please visit their location or follow them on their Facebook page.

The Huber Heights Chamber of Commerce is proud to have Pelphrey’s Pharmacy as a valued member. Here’s to many more years of success and community service. Congratulations, Pelphrey’s Pharmacy, on your anniversary!