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CareWorksComp July 2018 Monthly Newsletter 

Implementing a Safety Training Plan

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Rule Changes

True-up Last Chance  IMPORTANT-URGENT

Safety Accountability Letter- 2016

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Ohio Administrative Code OAC4123-17-68

Ohio Safety Congress

OSHA Update Information


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 When in Doubt Lock It Out

MCT-approved Group Rating Safety Accountability Letter 

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Safe Use of Respirators

OSHA Recordkeeping Fact Sheet


Understanding Employee Behavior

Raising the Bar for Safety

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Critical Importance of Management Leadership in Safety


Live to Work Another Day

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Emergency exits and routes – safety article

Public Employers Prospective billing overview-

BWC  new  payment address  12-16-14 

10 steps to prepare for an OSHA Inspection  

Preventing Accidents Before They Happen   

BWC Prospective billing article

PREVENTION Heat Stress Season Reminder 

Changes in the Hazard Communication Standard

Conducting Effective Ongoing Safety Training

Safety – Have To vs Want To


Safe Use of Fire Extinguishers


10-Step Explanation

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Each year Ohio employers have the opportunity to participate in BWC’s Group-Experience-Rating Program or Group-Retrospective-Rating Program. While these programs are not required, they do provide you with an opportunity to significantly reduce your workers’ compensation premiums, while increasing your awareness of safety and risk-management strategies.

Workplace safety is an important component of these programs. To succeed in accident prevention, we encourage you to use the many resources available to you. We believe a group-rating program is a partnership that includes you and your employees, your sponsoring organization or third-party administrator (TPA) and BWC. Each has specific roles and responsibilities, all designed to assist in preventing workplace accidents. This information in this PDF Document outlines the safety services expectations you should have as an employer enrolled in a group-rating program.

10 Step Business Plan for Safety

With BWC’s 10-Step Business Plan for Safety employers can focus on implementing a more effective safety plan one step at a time as opposed to getting lost in the “where to start” phase of the big picture. While some of the BWC programs require employers to complete the 10-Step Business Plan for Safety, it can also be a good resource for companies looking to implement a new safety program or simply improve an old one.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5
Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Step 10

Safety Talk Employee Orientation

No business organization can expect good safety performance unless its top management demonstrates that safety is a key organizational value. A leader must communicate the need for safety to all employees. Accountability is one of the key factors to commitment. Every level of your organization needs to be accountable for its safety responsibilities. Make safety orientations for new and transferred employees a part of your organization’s basic safety processes.(Read More)

Safety Council Rebate Program

Thousands of Ohio employers find value and workers’ compensation premium savings by actively participating in their local safety councils. And you can join them. The Huber Heights Chamber has a Risk Management series that meet quarterly. Watch the website for calendar announcements at (Read More)


Making Safety Committees Work

One of the Nine Key Safety Program Parameters that has been issued by the Division of Safety & Hygiene, for Group Rated Companies, is employee involvement and recognition. It is believed that the more involved employees are in the Safety Program, the more willing they will be to participate in it and follow the guidelines established. I personally believe this. One of the ways to get employees involved is to set up an active Safety Committee.(Read More)

Calculating the OSHA Incident Rate

Each year the Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates the OSHA Incident Rate, the Lost Time Incident Rate and Cases with job transfer or restrictions, for each NAICS Code (North American Industrial Classification System).(Read More)

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